Healing Peace Testimonials
Explore the healing experiences for Pacific Light & Cloud People music videos
Pacific Light Testimonials:

“A breathtakingly beautiful video... it elegantly brings the healing forces of natures into the comfort of your home."
Randy Peyser
Alternative Medicine Magazine, April 2002

“Arnie, a terminal cancer patient, who was a native American fisherman and artist, watched it two to three times a day. He said it was like being at home. —Its just like coming home for me.— He loved it. It helped him to go home”
Pat Carpenter-Ahern
Oncology Therapist and Chaplain

Tacoma General Hospital, WA

“It brought tears to my eyes. It is absolutely beautiful. It caught my attention and calmed me right down. I loved the way the light and the water moved.”
Joann Butrac-Holder
St. Vincent Hospital

“My patients use it late at night and when they are in pain. It really does lessen their pain. Its also helpful to use when they are waiting for their pain meds to kick in. It is wonderful tape. I just love it.”
Pat Carpenter-Ahern
Oncology Therapist and Chaplain
Tacoma General Hospital, WA

“Other similar videos are available on the market; however, Pacific Light is unique. It is one of the most beautiful and potentially healing  video's I have seen......One of the strengths of this video is the magnificent blending of cinematography by Thomas Day Oates Jr.  and R. Carlos Nakai's Grammy-nominated CD Inner voices... This video was clearly filmed carefully over time.
Marry Jane Ott, MN, MA, RN, CS
Nurse Practitioner
Pain and Palliative care Program
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“I loved it. It usually takes me about an hour to fall asleep. Last night, I was out like a light in 10-15 min.”
Huber Senters
Professional Stock Day Trader

“A breathtaking beautiful video... it elegantly brings the healing forces of nature into the comfort of your home... it is an audio visual odyssey for those who seek inner peace"
Randy Peyser
Alternative Medicine Magazine, April 2002

"It provided the sprit of nature to be manifest in a very sterile room.  It allowed the patient to merge into the ocean of divinity.  Its really unique."
Jonathan Daniel

"This film and music are beautiful... Keep up the oustanding work."
M Mitchell
VNA at Home

Cloud People testimonials


“The video is truly spectacular and is a regular part of my healing work for CFIDS. (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) When I watch the clouds, I enter into another reality, which puts a perspective on all my earthly problems.”
Jennifer S.
Washington DC

“I received your video on 9/11 and have watched it several times. I found it helpful especially when I wake up in the middle of the night with all my joints and muscles aching and I can't get back to sleep. Your video helped me to not focus so much on the pain so I could rest. Keep up the good work and good health to you.”
P. Bradley
[Chronic Fatigue Sufferer]

“I am ordering a video for my brother for Christmas. I know he will appreciate this and it has helped me tremendously. On my very slow days I watch this two or three times and do feel better. I thank God for CFS and you!”
A. Wells
Chester, VA

“I would like to know how much you charge for two or three tapes? I would like to give them as Christmas presents But don't know when I'll have the money. Also, I hope you produce another tape real soon. everyone wants to borrow this one. Linda has started writing poems again. She lost her Son of 22 years at memorial day of 1993. Her dog of 15 1/2 years July of this year. And her EX keeps her in court every 3 or 4 months trying to get out of alimony. She really loves your tape and hates to let go of it for more than a day or two. But wants everyone to see the beauty of it. Please try to produce another and also try to give her a good price on two or three as she doesn't have any money, but loves to give gifts. God Bless you and Keep You”
Ms. W Abbott
Greenville, SC
[Chronic Fatigue Sufferer]

“I am borrowing my friend's copy (of Cloud People) until I receive my own - it is a very good source for relaxation and helps keep one's focus off daily distractions!”
Evelyn W.
Kansas City, MO




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